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Goggles for Burning Man, Born in Ibiza

Capote Eyewear Incubus

Perfect Goggles for Burning Man - Incubus by Capote Eyewear

These goggles from designer Alex Capote were designed specifically with the desert in mind.  They make for a runway piece of sorts, but not the kind of runway found at NYFW; we’re talking the arid Playa of Burning Man’s Black Rock Desert.

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For years, Capote had been looking for quality goggles to wear at Burning Man, and the best he could find were either cheaply made or boring, so of course he had to design his own.  Conditions at the Playa are extreme, with dust storms that can make it hard to see and even breathe, so you can see why goggles would be ideal.  The Capote goggles are called Incubus, after the mythological fornicating demon.

Burning Man Goggle Parts

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Capote’s Incubus is made of rubber and steel and comes with an adjustable strap. Lenses are available in a variety of colors, with the possibility of Rx, depending on your prescription.