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Eyezen™ lenses for digital eye strain

Eyezen™ lenses are are designed to reduce digital eye strain. They reduce exposure to harmful blue light. And they provide sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses.

Although they are designed to allow your eyes to relax while focusing up close, Eyezen™ lenses are intended for everyday, all-purpose use. The lens design alleviates eye strain caused by hours of up close focusing on computers, tablets and phones. 

Eyezen™ lenses also help protect your eyes by reducing exposure to Harmful Blue Light. This embedded feature cuts out at least 20% of the high-energy light in the 415-455nm range, also known as blue-violet light, while allowing blue-turquoise light to pass through.  The Harmful Blue Light comes from our screens, indoor lighting and even the sun.  Ask us how you can get even more protection against Harmful Blue Light by choosing the right anti-reflective coating. Eyezen™ lenses are clear in color.

Four different versions of the lens are designed with different age ranges in mind; we can help determine which one is right for you.  Eyezen™ lenses may also make a good choice for glasses for kids. Ask your child’s eye doctor if they would be good fit for him or her.

Eyezen™ lenses are one of a number of digital freeform lenses that we offer. Digital freeform lenses, otherwise known as digital aspheric or HD lenses offer an upgrade from traditional single vision lenses. 

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Maui Jim’s Newest Lens – Blue Hawaii

Maui Jim Blue Hawaii Lenses 432

Introducing Maui Jim’s Newest Lens, Blue Hawaii!

Overflowing with vibrant blues, Maui Jim was inspired to create a new lens for those that thrive on color. Developed as a fashionably fun option for for those who want a pop of color, Blue Hawaii provides a stylish new look that offers the same amazing color enhancement and clarity as all other Maui Jim lenses.

The secret behind Maui Jim’s clarity and enhancements is PolarizedPlus2, which enhances the colors your eyes naturally perceive, so you see vibrant, saturated colors with a higher level of contrast and greater depth perception.  For their Blue Hawaii, Maui Jim starts with a neutral gray color enhancing polarized lens and and then meticulously apply a blue mirror coating.

Blue Hawaii lenses are available in prescription.

Maui Jim infuses their lenses with a patented blend of three rare earth elements to enhance red, green, and blue light waves. These elements increase and balance the saturation of colors we need to see, and filter out the colors we cannot see that cause a lack of clarity. So colors pop and your world comes to life!

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Golf Glasses

Where the club meets the ball

Golfers who wear progressive lenses, rejoice. We are excited to tell you about the launch of some new golf equipment, and no, we’re not talking about a high tech set of irons. We’re talking about golf glasses.

There’s a new lens by Shamir that’s teeing off this week, designed specifically to improve your game. While a traditional progressive is par for the course for distance and near-vision, for example when scouting the next hole or marking your score card, this lens has an extended segment that focuses just where it counts: clear vision in the intermediate sweet spot where the club meets the ball.

Where the club meets the ball
Image by kulicki

What’s more, the lens is designed for enhanced peripheral vision…focus is clear 180 degrees from side to side. Thankfully, they are made to seamlessly accommodate wraparound frames, too, since so many sports-specific glasses have a high-curvature design. And a range of materials is available, including high-index and polycarbonate. We can even tint the lenses to suit your game or order a set with Transitions, so you can keep your cool when the sun comes out.

Contact us to find out more. Your opponents will never know that one of your most important pieces of equipment isn’t in your bag…it’s in plain sight.