My advice? Shop nowhere else: A review by Mark Lawrence Miller

We love getting notes of appreciation.  We recently received an email from screenwriter Mark Lawrence Miller about a certain frame that he had been looking for and how he got it:

The knock on Hollywood (and more specifically its Entertainment Industry) is that our professional dreamers and the VIP executives they answer to still seem to forget the most basic tenet of professional honor – Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  Hey, I understand, people become jaded, burned out and begin feeling that searching for someone to trust is like trying to find a grain of salt in a bag of sugar..  If you need a real favor, well hell, turns out it’s not what you know, but who you know.

And then something amazing happens.  You meet a gentleman like Dan Deutsch.  Artist and optician.  Eyewear designer and friend to all, no matter their station in life.  A proprietor whose business style is simple yet classy.  Old school.  Tell him what you want and he’ll find it.  And then he’ll show you an array of frames better suited for your individual face and complexion and you’ll love ’em.  He’ll tell you why you should always want more for yourself.  That you deserve to own something special you’ll be wearing on your precious face to look cool.  He’ll grab a pair that better suits you and he’ll be right.  He should be running a studio.

A veteran screenwriter, I brought Dan a Titanic sized task.  I desperately wanted to gift an A-List actor I was working with a pair of sunglasses (Persol’s Special Edition Havana’s) – rare sunglasses so truly on fashion fire even the designer-manufacturers themselves couldn’t get them.  Four months of tenacious, worldwide searching had beaten me down. I’d given up.  This star would have to go without them.

Except that Dan found them and delivered them within twenty-four hours.

Couture eyewear is as important an accessory to the movers and shakers of our vanity conscious town as their killer suits or take-me-serious knockout dresses.  The right glasses should be an extension of the very persona you want people to appreciate.   I get calls from Milan and Tokyo now from those who want Dan to be their go-to guy.

Do yourselves a favor.  Ride over to one his boutiques and allow Dan and his thirty years of expertise make you happier than you’ve ever been to buy a pair of glasses.  I cannot think of a set of fabulous frames that Dan doesn’t carry.  And if he doesn’t have them on-hand – he’ll get them for you. That’s a promise. Because that’s the man he is.  Clients and customers come first.  My advice? Shop nowhere else…