Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona was founded in Barcelona, Spain in the 1950s by Fulgencio Ramo, whose grandson, David Pellicer, is the current owner of the company. Growing up David learned to design and create eyewear as well as how to run the family business. David took over the company in the 1990’s with the dream of creating something new. He wanted to create a brand that embodies the idea of being free, human, and respectful of all ethnicities. He wanted Etnia Barcelona to be a form of expression through color and art.

For three generations, quality has been and continues to be fundamental. Etnia Barcelona controls the entire process from beginning to end, scrutinizing every detail to ensure quality standards are met. They have teamed up with the best European partners to source the highest quality materials on the market. Pure mineral glass lenses from Barberini, which offer the the best color experience and visual perfection with high scratch resistance. Natural acetate from Mazzucchelli, which comes from cotton, and is known for its comfort and malleability. The glasses are specially designed and manufactured to comfortable fit any size face.

Etnia Barcelona has been working to be a more sustainable and ethical brand, from natural raw materials to their social project with the Etnia Barcelona Foundation. Each day they strive for their legacy to be leaving a more sustainable future that respects people and the environment.

We’re sorry that there are no Etnia Barcelona products are currently listed on our website. To learn more about our current inventory of Etnia Barcelona, please visit at us one of our brick and mortar shops or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.