Anne et Valentin

Anne & Valentin was born from a wild dream of a couple of opticians in Toulouse, France, who were in search of unique glasses with striking graphic lines for their friends. Their desire is to create original glasses that dress you without disguising or betraying who you are, resides in the love and the interest they instill into the objects themselves. Anne et Valentin are involved in each stage of their manufacture. The Made In France label is also an ongoing commitment to its customers. They have worked with the same factories in the Jura region for more than 20 years, aside from a few in Japan which is where the
best titanium is found. “Don’t try to stand out. Try to do something
remarkable,” is their mantra.

We’re sorry that there are no Anne et Valentin products are currently listed on our website. To learn more about our current inventory of Anne et Valentin, please visit at us one of our brick and mortar shops or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.