Sauvage is something we are born with, it is in our bones.

The ability to let go and experience the edge of life is a gift. This is what we have imbued in our collection of eyewear. Pure edge, carving, and a unique look…

Beware, Sauvage is nothing less than an addiction to edge. With over 400 years of cultural exchange between France and Japan in the arts, crafts, fashion, and food, we have taken the mix to a new level with eyewear.

Utilizing design inspiration from the two cultures, we have brought them together, and welded them into a symbiotic relationship of design and craftsmanship.

Designed in Paris and Tokyo: Hand-crafted in Japan in all custom acetates by Takiron with original titanium parts and finishes. The minimalistic metal designs are all high-grade titanium with various channel fill materials from lacquer to diamonds.

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Showing all 2 results