Gold and Wood

In 1995 Maurice Léonard, founder, CEO, and muse, created Gold & Wood and set up his handcrafted factory in Hosingen in Luxembourg. As a true pioneer, he was the first to master the manufacturing of frames made entirely of precious wood. The first mission of Gold & Wood is to provide pleasure and dreams around the craftsmanship of high end Eyewear and Jewelry. The Gold & Wood Master Craftsmen cultivate the perfection of this concept utilizing the strictest rules of luxury craftsmanship. They excel at crafting objects of Exception, designed with the rarest of noble materials. Gold & Wood models objects of desire, always imbued with a singular know-how.

Gold & Wood is a true pioneer in laminating hand painted silks with exotic woods. A legacy of more than 20 years supported by master opticians. The exclusive technique of the silk lamination, a natural and delicate material, perfected by Gold & Wood artisan craftsmen requires specific know-how. To ensure an outstanding color rending and an optimal quality they use the same silk quality as a Hermes scarve: silk twill. The specific grain and thickness of this weave enhance colors and patterns.

Gold and Wood creates eyewear using truly outstanding materials:
Rare woods: A diversity of 12 different precious wood species, 8 of them being exclusive to Gold & Wood
Hand-painted natural silk: A heritage of nearly 25 years in the art of silk inclusion in the heart of wood veneers
Carbon fiber: Integration of carbon fiber in the heart of the frames
Water buffalo horn: Full horn, its color and pattern are unique, each frame is different
Solid gold and diamonds: pieces of Excellence in the rules of the jeweler’s art

At Gold & Wood, everything starts with a drawing. Then comes the careful selection of the wood species, according to their nobility, their rarity and the emotion they inspire. The different wood veneers are then shaped and delicately plated on thin aluminum strips. At the heart of the workshop, a true laboratory of creation and innovation, safe and precise gestures made exclusively by hand, perpetuate a know-how that Gold and Wood’s Master Craftsmen have passed on for decades. From the sketch to the frame, dozens of technical steps will follow each other to give life to the Eyepieces. Time is a key ingredient in the manufacture of eyewear, which take Gold and Wood’s craftsmen more than 6 months to produce.

All Gold & Wood’s wooden frames are made by hand in their workshops in a small magical city called Hosingen, located in Luxembourg. They are shaped by a succession of veneers of thin sheets of wood, carefully selected by Master Opticians craftsmen. The uniform coloring of stained woods is achieved by mass pigmentation, thanks to natural and hypoallergenic dyes. Gold and Wood’s own palette of colors is exclusive and carefully coveted. Their unique varnishes protect wood against perspiration, cosmetics, hair dyes and UV rays.

Gold & Wood’s exotic precious woods are
. 100 % hypoallergenic
. Comfort and lightness
. Material sensory awareness
. Always at room temperature
. Beautification and patina over time

Committed to sustainable development, Gold & Wood are socially responsible for their creative process, which follows sustainable development. All their creations respect the environment: wood species are taken from authorized and supervised sources.

Gold & Wood frames are produced in Luxembourg and handmade in the finest materials from Europe. Unlike larger companies, with high volumes and low production costs, G&W’s added value lies in the finish of the eyepieces, the sensory awareness of the touch, the felt emotion that can’t be found anywhere else.

. Eyepieces are polished by hand
. Woods and horns are top quality and come from the best suppliers in the world
. Colors are unique
. Precious finishes (electroplating) on the metal are made in France for a recognized sustainable quality.

Gold & Wood embodies the excellence of noble materials, the refinement of colors and timeless elegance. Gold & Wood, a reference in terms of innovation and craftsmanship preserves its identity and DNA while constantly reinventing itself.

We’re sorry that there are no Gold and Wood products are currently listed on our website. To learn more about our current inventory of Gold and Wood, please visit at us one of our brick and mortar shops or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.