NAPSVGAR sunglasses, from Budapest designer Napsugar Forgo are the ultimate statement pieces for those with an adventurous style, a knack for standing out from the crowd or a defiance of following convention. Forgo controls every stage of product creation personally—from idea, to design, and manufacturing. She specializes in turning sustainable materials into understated yet luxurious pieces.  Highest quality without compromise is inherent to the brand.

Forgo, whose Hungarian name Napsugar means “sunshine” in English, broke through in 2010 when her creations were featured at Dolce&Gabbana’s Spiga2 boutique. Today, the brand presents at London and Paris Fashion Weeks and is also represented in the fashion scene from Hong Kong to Italy, including the United States. Characterized by a great balance between constant innovation and new design, it also manages to stay true to the artist’s unique and personal style.

Napsvgar provides the pleasure of collecting unique fashion items to build into your wardrobe season after season.

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