Balmain Brigitte in Black Crystal and Gold BPS-129A-53

Pierre Balmain founded his eponymous house as a Parisian couture address over 75 years ago. Every Balmain creation since Monsieur Balmain’s very first 1945 collection has been built upon the distinctive couture formula that pairs strict construction with the finest artisanal embellishment. Balmain Eyewear’s Brigitte sunglasses make the house’s impressive couture heritage even more clear.…

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Balmain B-V

Balmain B-V in Blue Swirl and Gold BPS-121D-54

Each succeeding generation of the B series of frames makes very clear the compelling blend of luxe and rock that distinguishes Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain. Just like every B frame before it, the Balmain B-V sunglass depends upon a rebellious, no-apologies silhouette that melds together a striking straight brow line, thick acetate frame, and solid titanium…

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Balmain Brigade IV

Balmain Brigade IV Black in Rhodium Dark and Grey Swirl BPS-120B-52

The latest iteration of our best-selling Brigade sunglass continues to build upon the ‘80s rock origins of the distinctive frame while adding a striking brow bar crafted from Japanese titanium for this season. Repeated allusions to Pierre Balmain’s love of incorporating architectural codes into his designs will be quickly noted, such as the tactile metal…

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Balmain Brigade III

Balmain Brigade III in Matte Black and Grey Camo BPS-117C-52

Balmain’s  Brigade III sunglass, made from Japanese Titanium, riffs on the distinctive‘80s pop vibe that has been woven into the house’s most recent collections, adding striking octagonal lenses to textured side shields and striking acetate temples. Balmain Branded Case Made in Japan

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Balmain B-III

Balmain BIII in Dark Olive and Black Palladium BPS-116C-56

Balmain’s familiar rebellious rock styling forms a key part of every one of the house’s Paris Fashion Week presentations, which helps explain why the Balmain B-III sunglass has been the favorite final styling touches for the house’s runway models. The new BIII design keeps true to that non-conforming spirit. Although slightly smaller than the B-I,…

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Balmain La Royale in Dark Brown Swirl and Gold BPS-105B-56

Balmain’s La Royale sunglasses are a modern variation of iconic and feminine frames that legendary French and Italian film stars would have once almost automatically paired with a silk scarf. “When I first started playing with chains for my runway creations, I was experimenting with taking traditional silk-scarf motifs, like linked-chain patterns, and transforming them…

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Balmain Gendarme in White Gold and Bone BPS-109C-66

Balmain’s Gendarme range of sunglasses, made from Japanese Titanium, riffs on the Wonder Boy silhouette. “I worked closely with the Akoni design team to create a new type of aviator—one that is clearly a cousin of the Wonder Boy,” explains Rousteing. “We managed to square off the WonderBoy silhouette, splitting the signature front shield into…

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Balmain Officer in Black Rhodium and Dark Brown Swirl BPS-108C-58

Before we even started on our version of a navigator, I needed to be sure that we could adapt the classic style in a way that would make it completely Balmain, notes Olivier Rousteing. Working closely with the talented Akoni team, I’m confident in saying that we were able to do exactly that with our…

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Balmain Wonder Boy Grill in Black and Gold BPS-102K-146

Balmain Eyewear’s Wonder Boy sunglass is well-known for being the daily wardrobe choice of Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director. The Akoni design team worked very closely with Rousteing to explore every design possibility and push new tech breakthroughs. This explains why, with each new iteration, they manage to create an even edgier take on this…

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