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Evolving from one of Rigards most iconic forms, the Mad Scientist, the Rigards RG0105TI is a pure titanium creation that embraces the visual aesthetic of its predecessor while balancing eclecticism with a thoughtful mix of refinement and ease.

A unique bridge draws inspiration from a memory: the imposing figure of Devils Tower (the mysterious liquid rock from our sci-fi favorite “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”).

Curvaceous upward splayed nose pads evoke a distant view of the mountain, come winter its soaring slopes topped by a snow-cap signified by the semicircle detail at the bridge.

Included with the eyewear is an interchangeable clip-on crafted from ultralight aluminum-magnesium. Locked onto the frame front, the piece converts the glasses from optical to sun in one swift motion, incidentally also conjuring a visual representation of two mountains stacked together, one peak beyond another.

Both the glasses and the sun-clip can be fitted with custom lenses through built-in openings, part of Rigards’ exclusive spring-hinge mechanism innovated to ensure a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and effortlessly maintainable.

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