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This Just In: Italia Independent

Italia Independent

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our designer eyewear lineup, Italia Independent. Think of it as a “Made in Italy” reboot: fun colors, innovative shapes, brand new materials. Eyewear that is full of life. Glasses that shout out to be touched and felt.

Founded by Lapo Elkann and others in 2007, the brand aims to re-invigorate the Italian tradition and be independent of stereo types, fusing tradition and innovation. Elkann’s fashion sensibility (he is a member of “Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Hall of Fame”) as well his relationship with Fiat and Ferrari, some of whose technologies are carried over into the eyewear, makes him the ideal person to spearhead their vision.

We got a great shipment of Italia Independent sunglasses and opticals, too. But for the moment we’ll share some of the highlights of the I-I sunglass collection.

Fabulous in Violet

We were blown away by the personality of these oversize violet sunglasses. The shape is based on classics of the past, but here I-I has come up with something entirely new, adding a facet here, a curve there. The matte violet varnish gives these frames a great look and feel. And gradient lenses complete the look.

Side view of large purple sunglasses by Italia Independent with gradient lenses Large Violet sunglasses by Italia Independent





Why should Teddy Bears have all the fun? Sometimes you just want to snuggle up with your eyewear. Well, at least we do! And there are no better snuggly sunnies than these velvety wayfarers from Italia Independent. The sunglasses are as soft as they look. But don’t take our word for it…


fuzzy pink sunglasses by Italia Independent


And if velvet alone is too sweet, how about a measure of hand-applied studs, silver or gold, to ramp up the attitude?

Black sunglasses with velvet and rivets

 Circular Sunnies

I-I doesn’t disappoint in the round department either. We are big fans of circular eyewear, and this hot pink number (also available in camouflage) has us turning cartwheels.

round pink sunglasses


Flash Mirror!

We’re seeing a lot of flash mirror coatings these days. Designers from Thom Browne to Ray-Ban have taken up the cry, but the flash mirrors on some of these Italia Independent lenses are brilliant enough to rival the sun. Take for example these fabulous butterfly sunnies in neon orange:


Sunglasses with orange flash mirror

Hot or Not?

Some of the eyewear we received are made with a special thermic treatment that changes color at 30 degrees C, some revealing animal prints when the mercury rises. You’ll just have to come in to see for yourself if you’re hot or not, and in the meantime check out our gallery below for more Italia Independent looks: