How to Style your Vintage Eyewear: Video

While preparing for our upcoming vintage event, our very own Davida Hall has (maybe a little too much?) fun with some of the frames in our vintage collection, frames that Dan has collected over the years from around the globe. The video features vintage eyewear by Royal Ritz, Emmanuelle Khanh, Yohji Yamamoto, ABC France, Optical…

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Masunaga Optical, A History (Video)

Recently we caught up with Tom Cody at Vision Expo West, and lucky for us, we had our iphone at the ready! Cody is responsible for (among great things in eyewear) bringing the Masunaga Optical brand, Japan’s the oldest eyewear company, to the United States. Cody tells us the story of how, over 100 years…

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Barton Perreira Spring Summer 2012

Lucky for us, it’s the season for videos, and many of our designers are producing incredible fashion films. Take a look at Barton Perreira’s Spring/Summer 2012 offering that features a truly inspirational hot-air balloon ride.

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Zero G

Zero G Titanium Eyewear Born in Brooklyn Sunglasses Grey

We are proud to now carry Zero G eyewear, lightweight, titanium, no-screw glasses, hand finished in one of the oldest factories in Japan.  

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Bulgari Le Gemme

Bulgari le gemme

Dan Deutsch has been describing eyewear as “jewelry to the face” for as long as we can remember.  The latest collection from Bulgari, Le Gemme, is simply that: eyewear forged from precious metals and gems. (more…)

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Etnia Energy

We’re loving all the videos that eyewear designers are putting out these days.  This high-energy entry from Etnia of Barcelona, directed by Mawashi Geri with music by Goiko Martínez, that really captures the eyewear company’s playfulness and alegría de vivir.

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