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Jennifer Stano in Porsche Sunglasses

We’ve loved the original Porsche sunglasses when they first came out in 1978, and we’re happy to say that back in a big way! Even better than they were before, the design is now rendered in titanium and so they’re lighter and more comfortable. The design will always be a classic.

Jennifer Stano’s Sunglasses

One look at these inspiring pictures on our friend Jennifer Stano David’s instagram say it all. Jennifer is a fashion icon, wife, mother, swimsuit designer, blogger and reality TV personality (she appeared on TLC’s “Secrets of a Trophy Wife”). Recently Jennifer snapped a few selfies in her Porsche sunnies and was kind enough to mention us as well.

The Porsche aviators have interchangeable lenses to suit your mood.

We custom-made these gradient blue lenses for Jennifer to match the azure waters of the Mediterranean. What color is your mood?