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Max Pittion Relaunch

We are extremely excited to announce that Max Pittion, the iconic eyewear brand known for its bold and enigmatic designs, is entering a new era under the guidance of Tommy O’Gara, CEO of The Light Co., under the guidance of Max Pittion’s son, Bernard Pittion. The brand’s latest iteration aims to pay homage to its heritage while embracing a more modern approach. Max Pittion frames are meticulously crafted from exceptional materials in small quantities, combining French style with Japanese technique. The launch collection includes four timeless, genderless frames: the Politician, the Wellington, the Crown Panto, and the Panto, available in both optical and sun versions. Available for purchase in store at our Sunset Plaza boutique, each one is produced in an initial limited edition of 50-100 pieces each.

We are proud that Dan Deutsch is one of a very small handful of shops in the United States to participate in the launch.

The campaign was shot by photographer Moses Berkson, and stars film director and writer Aaron Rose as well as Izzy Glaudini, lead singer of the Los Angeles-based rock band Automatic.

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Shamir Metaform Logo

We are excited about our latest lens offering: Shamir Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™, a new treatment that makes for extremely thin, lightweight and strong lenses

Metaform is a film lamination technology, used in automotive, aviation and space industries (including NASA), which can now be applied to the lenses in your eyeglasses. The film is applied together with Shamir’s Glacier PLUS anti-reflection (AR) coating. Lenses with Metaform are:

  • Stronger than FDA standard requirements
  • Thinner and lighter than regular minus lenses
  • Greener than traditional AR coatings.

Lenses that don’t drop the ball

Traditionally, lens designers have had to increase the center thickness of minus lenses in order to comply with impact resistance regulations. Metaform technology improves this limitation by superpowering lenses with impact resistance, surpassing even the strictest standards.

YouTube video

Metaform Lenses are Thinner and Lighter

Because the film coating strengthens the lens, high minus prescription lenses can now be surfaced thinner than lenses without Metaform. 1.74 index lenses can now be ground to minimum thickness of just 1.2mm. A thinner lens means less material, and therefore lighter weight.

Gentler on the Environment

Metaform is also greener than traditional AR coatings. The process uses significantly less water, consumes less energy and uses no hazardous chemicals in the lab, ensuring a minimal impact on the environment and gentler for lab technicians.

Better Looking, Too

Not only are Shamir Glacier Plus Metaform lenses lighter and thinner than minus lenses with traditional AR coatings, but they look better in other ways, too. On top of the aesthetic benefits of traditional AR coatings, Metaform confers additional wavelength-controlling capabilities that reduce potential shortcomings of standard coatings, such as Newton rings and undesired light dispersion.

Can I get Shamir Metaform for my Lenses?

Glacier PLUS Metaform is currently available on all Shamir digital lens designs, including Shamir’s top of the line progressive Autograph Intelligence and their top of the line digital single vision lens Autograph III. Right now, it is offered only in 1.74 index, however we expect other materials to be offered in the near future. Also, no tints, transitions or polar treatments are available with Metaform yet, however we are expecting these options to be phased in soon. Prescriptions up to a total combined power of +11.00/ -11.00 are allowed. Other restrictions apply.

This is a technology that superpowers lenses with protective impact resistance, thinness, lightness, and light wavelength control capabilities, all with a smaller environmental footprint. You can find out more about Metaform on Shamir’s website. Please ask us about how to get Shamir’s Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ into your own exceptional eyewear.

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A Visit from Tommy O’Gara

Tommy O'gara and Dan Deutsch pose for Instagram at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook on Sunset Plaza

As eyewear enthusiasts, we love it when our favorite designers come to visit. So you can imagine our excitement when Tommy O’Gara, “the Man behind some of the world’s best Eyewear” came all the way from Japan to talk shop with Dan Deutsch at our Sunset Plaza boutique. Tommy is the director of The Light Company, which manufactures eyewear for for the brands Native Sons, Shady Character and Sauvage. He was witty and charming, and extremely passionate about eyewear.

Dan could’t pass up the opportunity to take out his phone and record a video. Tommy used the occasion to introduce his brand Native Sons.

YouTube video
Dan Deutsch takes a video of the Light Co.'s Tommy O'Gara
Behind the Scenes

Hi I’m Tommy O’gara, I’m here visiting Dan Deutsch, from Japan. I’m the director of the Light Company. We have a brand called Native Sons we’re looking at today. 

Native Sons is designed by us. It’s made in our own factory in Sabae. It’s very vertical. We can go from from design to prototype in 20 days. So we do a lot of experimentation. And I’d like to show you the Engineering collection a little bit and the Craftline collection. 

The engineering collection is marked by these beauty marks. And this is a frame called the Cornell. We use only Takiron materials which are cellulose based. They’re better for the planet, better for your skin. They’re harder, deeper, richer. And we have a special system of tumbling. We created a tumbling system called Spirogara, which polishes actually the front at the same time, whereas 90 degree tumbling just takes the edges. That’s why the Takiron materials are key, because they’re much harder…The Cornell is a large, meaty Wellington. It looks fabulous. This is called Honey Tortoise… OK. So we do acetate, metals, combinations. We could shift over to say… the Matheson. 

The Matheson — it’s a timeless frame! I mean, it’s got 3D carving. This color is called gasoline. Again, the beauty marks. We have the scooped arrow hinge, and we also use the star nut. 

The star nut is to tune the hinge. It was used in the 80s and early 90s in Japan, and the Japanese designers discarded it as being sort of “not needed”.  But the truth is, the star nut hinge configuration, for opticians, is really premium. It’s really a great way to tune the hinges.  

So, we’re looking forward to introducing these to Hollywood and of course Dan. And I’m really, really happy to be here.
Tommy: If I’m out rolling, I’ll put on the Kowalski acetate frame. I have one color we call “blood”. . I really wanted, not a red, but a deep, burnt wine. So, one night I just poked my finger and it bled on the paper, and I photographed it while it was drying because, you know, blood will go from bright red to like a burnt brown. And I peeked it just before the burnt brown — really amazing color.

Dan: The things we have to do to create!

Tommy: Well, yeah, I probably wouldn’t have done that if I wasn’t looking for the color, but you’re right. It didn’t hurt much. Yeah,  I mean I’m really inspired by nature when it comes to color, you know. And starting to look toward space, actually. There’s some amazing colors and hues that they can take with the Hubble space craft now, you know. Colors you never saw before in your life, on earth! Not exactly, anyway, you know? I mean I grew up in the 70s, so, you know, we experimented with everything.

Tommy and Dan spent the next few hours talking all things eyewear. Tommy shared his inspirations for his latest collection, the challenges he faced while designing it, and his vision for the future of eyewear. You can listen to more of the conversation here:

YouTube video

Tommy’s commitment to sustainability was evident in our conversation. He spoke about his passion for creating eyewear that was both stylish and environmentally conscious. He told us about how the material is conserved by the way they are cut, and how the off-cuts are decomposed without harmful gases.

If you want to biodegrade these — you can biodegrade them. But if you don’t want to, they are going to last longer than anything.

Meeting eyewear legend Tommy O’gara was an experience that we will always remember. We look forward to the next visit, and until then will continue to be inspired by Tommy’s dedication to creating unique, high-quality, and sustainable eyewear.

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Varilux X

YouTube video

Varilux X represents the latest design in progressive lenses from Varilux. Compared to earlier designs, the Varilux X improves vision at arm’s length reducing the need to tilt your head to find focus. Transitions from near to far are improved. And feelings of off-balance are reduced or eliminated.

Varilux X is one of many progressive lenses that we offer. Ask us if Varilux X is right for you.

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Eyezen™ lenses for digital eye strain

YouTube video

Eyezen™ lenses are are designed to reduce digital eye strain. They reduce exposure to harmful blue light. And they provide sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses.

Although they are designed to allow your eyes to relax while focusing up close, Eyezen™ lenses are intended for everyday, all-purpose use. The lens design alleviates eye strain caused by hours of up close focusing on computers, tablets and phones. 

Eyezen™ lenses also help protect your eyes by reducing exposure to Harmful Blue Light. This embedded feature cuts out at least 20% of the high-energy light in the 415-455nm range, also known as blue-violet light, while allowing blue-turquoise light to pass through.  The Harmful Blue Light comes from our screens, indoor lighting and even the sun.  Ask us how you can get even more protection against Harmful Blue Light by choosing the right anti-reflective coating. Eyezen™ lenses are clear in color.

Four different versions of the lens are designed with different age ranges in mind; we can help determine which one is right for you.  Eyezen™ lenses may also make a good choice for glasses for kids. Ask your child’s eye doctor if they would be good fit for him or her.

Eyezen™ lenses are one of a number of digital freeform lenses that we offer. Digital freeform lenses, otherwise known as digital aspheric or HD lenses offer an upgrade from traditional single vision lenses. 

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New Arrivals: Celine Spring 2018

We just got done unpacking the Celine Spring 18 collection.  With a number of recent changes at Céline, we were eager to get the new product in hand. Hedi Slimane was recently announced in January as the maison’s new artistic, creative and image director, and although we look forward to seeing her hand in future collections, the authorship and aesthetic of the Celine Spring 18 release still belongs very much to Phoebe Philo.  This collection also marks the first drop from Céline since LVMH moved production to a brand new factory in the mountains of Italy. We’re pleased to say that this release represents everything that we love about Céline and more. 


The Celine Spring 18 eyewear release brings back a number of favorites like Baby Audrey, Shadow (now offered in all black!), Bridge, Marta and more in new colorways and new different fits (now including universal, international and adjusted fit).  But instead of going on about what’s come back, we’d like to share what’s new, with a focus on sunglasses.

Double Layer

Kissing cousins CL40012 and CL40014 reference the frame-within-a-frame concept first introduced in Spring Summer 17. Despite bold look, these frames are lightweight, owing to the special way the acetate is constructed. Adding to an already existing cat-eye design (CL40008), the double layer concept is now presented with a completely flat top with round (CL40012) or square lenses (CL40014). Transparent materials include standards colorways like black and tortoise as well as pop colors blue and orange.

Celine CL 40014I in Orange at Dan Deutsch
The squared 40014 in orange

Celine CL40012I 84E Blue Dan Deutsch
The rounded CL40012 in bright transparent blue


The CL410017 and  CL410034 with their restrained contours are meant to fit close and comfortable.  Lenses are low profile but not 100% flat. These models are offered in homogeneous, tone-on-tone colorways.

Celine CL40017I 01A Black Dan Deutsch
The 40017 is squared at the bottom

Celine CL40034F Red Dan Deutsch
The round CL40034 in a deep red with adjusted fit

Celine CL40034F 52N Tortoise Dan Deutsch
The 40034 in tortoise is understated and elegant


CL40023 may be Céline’s contribution to the skinny sunnies phenomenon currently all the rage.  With its expressive browline and narrow vertical span, this acetate eyewear offers more attitude than protection from the sun (which, on occasion, may be necessary).

Celine CL40023I 54N Dan Deutsch

Ad piece

Celine CL40036U 50E transparent light brown Dan Deutsch

With a retro nod to the 1970’s, the CL40036 is currently featured by Céline in their advertisements.  Creating the frame from injection molded plastic allows for curvaceous three-dimensionality, as well as water-color-like pigmentation. It’s available in just two colorways: a light brown which fades to clear with orange lenses, and a dark brown which fades from the outside in to crystal, with brown gradient lenses. Both versions feature distressed metal temples with hairline abrasions.

Celine CL40036u 50F in Dark Transparent Brown and Gold temples


That’s our summary of the new Celine Spring 18 eyewear collection. There’s more to see (and we didn’t even mention the opticals!) To fully experience them, we invite you to come in and try them on for yourself.

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Etnia Barcelona Trunk Show

Etnia Barcelona Trunk Show at Dan Deutsch West Third

We invite you to experience the whole range of styles and signature colors from Etnia Barcelona, all in one place. 

Between their collections, Etnia has something for everyone.  Originals is comprised of colorful frames for people seeking to express their creative side. Vintage focuses on lovers of the classic form.  And Etnia’s Advanced collection, which is designed with innovative materials and techniques, is extremely light and comfortable. Etnia even has a smart and fun collection for kids, too!

This one-day event is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

Saturday January 27th 12-4pm
Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook | West Third
8358 West Third St
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 658-6181

RSVP encouraged
Refreshments served
Special pricing during the event


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Bianca de la Garza’s Sunglass Addiction

A big thank you to Bianca de la Garza for featuring us on her blog!  De la Garza is the CEO of Lucky Gal Productions and Garza Digital. The Emmy Award-nominated, Latina host and journalist created and anchored the late night show BIANCA, which aired in 20 million homes.

Bianca de la Garza in Elie Saab sunglasses from Dan Deutsch

Bianca has crisscrossed the globe for some of the biggest moments in history from Royal Weddings to Superbowls. While anchoring New England’s highest rated newscast, Bianca scored interviews with Madonna, Bono, and Tom Brady, to name a few.

Bianca’s interview with Dan Deutsch

Bianca’s got a really wonderful sense of style, so we’re especially honored that she chose to feature our shop on her blog.  Click through the snippet below to learn more about her addiction to eyewear (the best kind of addiction, in our humble opinion!) and to read her full interview with Dan.


Sunglasses, My Favorite Accessory

Going forward, be sure to keep an eye out for the new show she’s created called Us and the U.S., currently in production, as well as the organic skin care product that she’s developing, set to be released in 2018–which sounds amazing!  You can also follow her on instagram @biancadelgarzaofficial.

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Goggles for Burning Man, Born in Ibiza

Capote Eyewear Incubus

Perfect Goggles for Burning Man - Incubus by Capote Eyewear

These goggles from designer Alex Capote were designed specifically with the desert in mind.  They make for a runway piece of sorts, but not the kind of runway found at NYFW; we’re talking the arid Playa of Burning Man’s Black Rock Desert.


A post shared by CAPOTE (@capoteyewear) on

For years, Capote had been looking for quality goggles to wear at Burning Man, and the best he could find were either cheaply made or boring, so of course he had to design his own.  Conditions at the Playa are extreme, with dust storms that can make it hard to see and even breathe, so you can see why goggles would be ideal.  The Capote goggles are called Incubus, after the mythological fornicating demon.

Creativity, willpower, perseverance and dreams. We are free souls in earthly bodies, living on this planet, breaking the laws of the universe, evolving and leaving a mark on our way.



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Capote’s Incubus is made of rubber and steel and comes with an adjustable strap. Lenses are available in a variety of colors, with the possibility of Rx, depending on your prescription.

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Faces of Hope

Ricardo Aguilar Faces of Hope Mural at Dan Deutsch

“Faces of Hope”: a new mural at the Sunset Plaza shop by Ricardo Aguilar

Aguilar has been drawing his Faces of Hope since 1994. He is an early advocate of coloring for adults, personally inviting people to color his designs at concert venues, hospitals, schools and factories.

No face is the same- “because each face represents a moment,” says Aguilar, “and moments can’t be duplicated.”

Faces of Hope Mural detail by Ricardo Aguilar at Dan Deutsch Sunset Plaza




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Anne et Valentin Custom Coachella Sunnies

Coachella Sunnies

At this time of year, we tend to have have a lot of people passing through our shops on their way to Coachella. People coming to the festival from around the world touch down in Los Angeles before trekking out to the valley, picking up that perfect accessory to make their Coachella outfit complete.

It may come as no surprise that we think sunnies are the most important part of your festival fashion: both to see and be seen. Your lenses color the world for you.  They’re your real world filter. It’s about what frequencies you want to allow into to your life. And very important: a quality pair of lenses will protect your eyes from the harsh desert sun.

Custom Anne et Valentin

Here we have taken some already awesome Anne et Valentin optical frames and fitted them with custom sunglass lenses.  We started with already cool frames – both round and retro-inspired;  and then carefully chose tints and mirror coatings to both complement the frames and take take them to the next level.

Customizing your festival sunnies is a perfect way to express yourself. This is just a small sample of some of the looks that we’ve dreamed up. What kind of vision are you dreaming up for your Coachella sunnies?


Eric wearing Anne et Valentin Modern Book with custom lenses
Anne et Valentin Modern Book with custom amber gradient lenses, Zeiss flash gold mirror. These round shades feature a keyhole bridge and triangular temple detail.


Eric wearing the clubmaster-inspired Walter by Anne et Valentin with custom lenses
The clubmaster-inspired Walter by Anne et Valentin in shiny silver and grey with custom grey gradient lenses and cool silver mirror


Eric wears Anne et Valentin D-TECT with custom lenses
Round Anne et Valentin D-TECT with marble blue front and brown temples are customized with brown lenses