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We are excited about our latest lens offering: Shamir Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™, a new treatment that makes for extremely thin, lightweight and strong lenses

Metaform is a film lamination technology, used in automotive, aviation and space industries (including NASA), which can now be applied to the lenses in your eyeglasses. The film is applied together with Shamir’s Glacier PLUS anti-reflection (AR) coating. Lenses with Metaform are:

  • Stronger than FDA standard requirements
  • Thinner and lighter than regular minus lenses
  • Greener than traditional AR coatings.

Lenses that don’t drop the ball

Traditionally, lens designers have had to increase the center thickness of minus lenses in order to comply with impact resistance regulations. Metaform technology improves this limitation by superpowering lenses with impact resistance, surpassing even the strictest standards.

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Metaform Lenses are Thinner and Lighter

Because the film coating strengthens the lens, high minus prescription lenses can now be surfaced thinner than lenses without Metaform. 1.74 index lenses can now be ground to minimum thickness of just 1.2mm. A thinner lens means less material, and therefore lighter weight.

Gentler on the Environment

Metaform is also greener than traditional AR coatings. The process uses significantly less water, consumes less energy and uses no hazardous chemicals in the lab, ensuring a minimal impact on the environment and gentler for lab technicians.

Better Looking, Too

Not only are Shamir Glacier Plus Metaform lenses lighter and thinner than minus lenses with traditional AR coatings, but they look better in other ways, too. On top of the aesthetic benefits of traditional AR coatings, Metaform confers additional wavelength-controlling capabilities that reduce potential shortcomings of standard coatings, such as Newton rings and undesired light dispersion.

Can I get Shamir Metaform for my Lenses?

Glacier PLUS Metaform is currently available on all Shamir digital lens designs, including Shamir’s top of the line progressive Autograph Intelligence and their top of the line digital single vision lens Autograph III. Right now, it is offered only in 1.74 index, however we expect other materials to be offered in the near future. Also, no tints, transitions or polar treatments are available with Metaform yet, however we are expecting these options to be phased in soon. Prescriptions up to a total combined power of +11.00/ -11.00 are allowed. Other restrictions apply.

This is a technology that superpowers lenses with protective impact resistance, thinness, lightness, and light wavelength control capabilities, all with a smaller environmental footprint. You can find out more about Metaform on Shamir’s website. Please ask us about how to get Shamir’s Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ into your own exceptional eyewear.