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Dior Fall Winter 2011 /2012

Dior 3228 Havana with Gold

Tradition dictates that Europe receives the latest fashions first, followed by the United States after a sometimes excruciating delay. This year, for the first time, simultaneous with their European release, Dior has shipped their Fall collection to a select number of retailers in four US cities. We are honored to be one of the few places in the US where the Dior Fall Winter 2011 2012 collection is now exclusively available.  This season’s collection includes Diorgraphix 1,2 and 3, as well as CD 3228. Dior Homme is made up of Black Tie 132s, 135s, 136s and 139.

Dior 3228 Spotted Havana with GoldCD 3228 is distinguished by the House of Dior’s iconic Godron decoration, the parallel fluting inspired by detailing on a Louis XVI chair in their Haute Couture Salon in Paris.  This motif is classic Dior and adorns some of their most well-known vintage designs.  The frame is made from Optyl, an extremely lightweight material with memory characteristics

Dior 3228 Havana with GoldCD 3228 is also available as a sunglass.

From Dior Homme, Black Tie 132S brings inspiration from the eighties. A study in contrasts, the metal double bridge, pictured here in matte black, is accented by a slender browbar.  The characteristic”Dior Homme” metal cut define the temples.

Dior Black Tie 132S


Dior Black Tie 132S

A selection of other Diors from our collection:

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