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TB 707: black, gold, red, white and blue

We are trying to stay cool about these killer Thom Browne specs, but we’re having a hard time. They are just so good.

Thom Browne TB-707

Browne professes not to know too much about the history of fashion, but a quick study of his eyewear says otherwise. The new TB-707, part of the Thom Browne Summer 2014 release, is the latest in a series of glasses that reference the browline tradition. We think Browne and his team hit it out of the park with this one. It’s an incredibly tight design.

Form and Function

Let’s start with the shape. The contours of the lens have been softened and proportions reigned in from his previous clubmaster-style frames. Browne’s suits for men are known, among other things, for their extreme (short) tailoring. And while other Tom Browne Eyewear have taken more liberties with proportion, the dimensions for the 707 can be described as more commercial. It just looks good on. The bevels and curves of the browline are smartly tailored. And always, each screw and rivet is custom made and carefully designed and crafted.

Black and Gold

The 707 comes in three colors: black, grey and tortoise. Let’s talk about the black and gold combination: anything but boring. The front of the frame is matte black acetate. For Thom Browne Eyewear, whatever glitters actually is gold, and in this case the titanium core of the frame is clothed in 12 karats.  And then we come to the accent colors.

Red, White and Blue

Building on the red, white and blue silk lining that Browne uses for the interiors of jackets and purses, the TB-707 features a series of red, white and blue laminates on the interior of the frame, which tie in with Browne’s signature, similarly-colored temple tips.  It’s a detail to be enjoyed by the person wearing the glasses more than for anyone else — a personal luxury, which is what’s it’s all about, right?

Thom Browne TB-707 in black and gold

Black Thom Browne Eyewear with Red White and Blue Layers at Dan Deutsch West Hollywood

Thom Browne Glasses in focus Red White and Blue Temple Tips Thom Browne Eyewear in Los Angeles

Thom Browne eyewear in black and grey



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This Just In: Italia Independent

Italia Independent

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our designer eyewear lineup, Italia Independent. Think of it as a “Made in Italy” reboot: fun colors, innovative shapes, brand new materials. Eyewear that is full of life. Glasses that shout out to be touched and felt.

Founded by Lapo Elkann and others in 2007, the brand aims to re-invigorate the Italian tradition and be independent of stereo types, fusing tradition and innovation. Elkann’s fashion sensibility (he is a member of “Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Hall of Fame”) as well his relationship with Fiat and Ferrari, some of whose technologies are carried over into the eyewear, makes him the ideal person to spearhead their vision.

We got a great shipment of Italia Independent sunglasses and opticals, too. But for the moment we’ll share some of the highlights of the I-I sunglass collection.

Fabulous in Violet

We were blown away by the personality of these oversize violet sunglasses. The shape is based on classics of the past, but here I-I has come up with something entirely new, adding a facet here, a curve there. The matte violet varnish gives these frames a great look and feel. And gradient lenses complete the look.

Side view of large purple sunglasses by Italia Independent with gradient lenses Large Violet sunglasses by Italia Independent





Why should Teddy Bears have all the fun? Sometimes you just want to snuggle up with your eyewear. Well, at least we do! And there are no better snuggly sunnies than these velvety wayfarers from Italia Independent. The sunglasses are as soft as they look. But don’t take our word for it…


fuzzy pink sunglasses by Italia Independent


And if velvet alone is too sweet, how about a measure of hand-applied studs, silver or gold, to ramp up the attitude?

Black sunglasses with velvet and rivets

 Circular Sunnies

I-I doesn’t disappoint in the round department either. We are big fans of circular eyewear, and this hot pink number (also available in camouflage) has us turning cartwheels.

round pink sunglasses


Flash Mirror!

We’re seeing a lot of flash mirror coatings these days. Designers from Thom Browne to Ray-Ban have taken up the cry, but the flash mirrors on some of these Italia Independent lenses are brilliant enough to rival the sun. Take for example these fabulous butterfly sunnies in neon orange:


Sunglasses with orange flash mirror

Hot or Not?

Some of the eyewear we received are made with a special thermic treatment that changes color at 30 degrees C, some revealing animal prints when the mercury rises. You’ll just have to come in to see for yourself if you’re hot or not, and in the meantime check out our gallery below for more Italia Independent looks:





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Brilliant Round Mykitas

Round Mykita Sunglasses in striking purple blue as seen at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook West Hollywood

Round Mykitas

Round eyewear has been all the rage these days, and no one is doing it better than Mykita. These round sunglasses seem to jump right off the shelf, due in no small part to their brilliant purple blue color.

Round Mykita Sunglasses in striking purple blue as seen at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook West HollywoodRound Mykitas shown in profile at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook West HollywoodRound Mykitas in Purple Blue at Dan Deutsch Sunset Blvd

Round and Around We Go

If you prefer something a bit softer, Mykita has designed another pair of round sunglasses in plastic, pictured here in a creamy caramel. Round Mykitas in Plastic at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook Round Mykita Sunglasses


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Masunaga Pretty In Pink

Masunaga MA 9003 in pink and gold

Masunaga 9003

One of our favorite frames in the shops right now, these very pretty sunglasses from Masunaga are exquisitely detailed. A titanium core translates to comfortable and lightweight. The metal is finished in gold with soft matte pink highlights.

Masunaga MA 9003 at Dan Deutsch Optical on West Third Street

A delicate pink stripe runs down the elegantly contoured temples.

Masunaga MA 9003 in pink and gold

Masunaga MA 9003 at Dan Deutsch Optical


And the icing on the cake –  tiny typographic details hand-etched into the metal around the lenses.

Masunaga MA 9003 sunglasses top view

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Funky Stainless Steel Eyewear from Poland

The ornate one-piece frame has no screws or welds

Slav Nowosad

One of the unique products that Dan has recently sourced is this stunning eyewear from Poland. Mad genius Slav Nowosad is both designer and creator behind the one-piece, stainless steel eyewear. The glasses have no screws, rivets or welds – simply an exquisite piece of jewelry to the face cut from a single piece of stainless steel.  An elegant combination of the badass and the refined.

SL 16 – A Desert Rose

This museum quality piece is a true standout.

The ornate one-piece frame has no screws or welds

The frame seems to grow organically from a single point at the temple tips to a metallic vineyard of tendrils and thorns.

A forward view of the stainless steel frame made in Poland

The lenses, as with many of frames in the collection, seem to be suspended in mid air. And because the way the weight is distributed, they are extremely comfortable to wear.
A close up of the Dan Deutsch signature on the interior of the frame


Profile of Slav Nowosad ornate temples

Nowosad also makes complementary bracelets that tie the look together, seemlessly.

Our West Hollywood shop is one of the few places in the world you can pick up a pair.



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Anne et Valentin’s Pop Art

Anne et Valentin Factory series, blue

This exquisite eyewear from Anne et Valentin is part of their Factory series, an homage to Andy Warhol’s Manhattan 1960’s studios known as “The Factory“. The factory was home to a lifestyle of partying, art production and everything in between for Warhol and his associates.

Anne et Valentin Factory series, blue


Like Warhol’s Pop Art, the color of the frame  is saturated and bright. A brushed silver detail adorns the hinges–a nod, perhaps, to the color of Warhol’s first Factory which was decorated in tin foil and silver paint from top to bottom. A keyhole bridge evokes the past.

Anne et Valentin Factory blue

Anne et Valentin conceived the frame with  curvy, voluptuous and humanistic lines.  A perfect red circle marks the temple tips. The frame is made of polished, translucent acetate with an unpolished, matte concave cutaway on the temples — a nuanced effect that could only be achieved in truly hand-crafted eyewear.

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Glamour Redefined-Barton Perreira’s Enamel Eyewear

We think these Barton Perreira cat-eye sunglasses are the definition of glamourous. Crafted of pure titanium with enamel inlay and featuring sultry, gradient lenses, these long-limbed beauties are sexy, yet refined. Flirty, but elegant. Feline instincts are treated with restraint.

Barton Perreira Cateye Valerie

Barton Perreira Cat Eye Valerie side angle at Dan Deutsch West Hollywood

We can’t think of anyone that does enamel eyewear better than Barton Perreira. This is their third release using the age-old technique, and the other two are already sold-out. If you want a glamorous pair for your collection that won’t go out of style, you will want to pick up a pair of these lookers before they disappear, too.

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Thom Browne Eyewear

Thom Browne Eyewear Silver with side shields side view

New York Couturier Thom Browne recently launched his eyewear division, bringing to sunglasses and opticals the same high-touch sense of imagination that made his menswear line so well respected.


Browne explodes onto the market with this frame, which we think has already achieved icon status, right out of the box . The titanium frame derives inspiration from retro racing goggles, but instead of the traditional leather side shields, Thom Browne uses a fine metal mesh, completely thought-out with hinge and groove for when the glasses are folded.


Thom Browne Eyewear silver with side shields

Like the racing googles, Browne’s version employs cable temples, but caps them with a signature red, white and blue tip.

Thom Browne Eyewear Silver with side shields side view

Thom Browne Eyewear Silver Profile View

The completely flat lenses mean serious style, and a genuine buffalo horn brow bar provides natural contrast.


The collection

Thom Browne eyewear is all about clean lines, meticulous detailing (and lack of detailing!) and impeccable craftsmanship. Colors are straightforward and simple (think black with gold) or modern and uncombined (like matte grey). Designs are inspired by the the past but look to the future. They are handmade in Japan by master craftsmen. Take a peek at some of the other stand-out looks from the collection, below.

We’re proud that Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook in West Hollywood shop is one of the few places you can pick up a pair.

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Dior Fall Winter 2011 /2012

Dior 3228 Havana with Gold

Tradition dictates that Europe receives the latest fashions first, followed by the United States after a sometimes excruciating delay. This year, for the first time, simultaneous with their European release, Dior has shipped their Fall collection to a select number of retailers in four US cities. We are honored to be one of the few places in the US where the Dior Fall Winter 2011 2012 collection is now exclusively available.  This season’s collection includes Diorgraphix 1,2 and 3, as well as CD 3228. Dior Homme is made up of Black Tie 132s, 135s, 136s and 139.

Dior 3228 Spotted Havana with GoldCD 3228 is distinguished by the House of Dior’s iconic Godron decoration, the parallel fluting inspired by detailing on a Louis XVI chair in their Haute Couture Salon in Paris. Continue reading Dior Fall Winter 2011 /2012

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Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Black Sunglasses

We’ve been thinking a lot about Alexander McQueen these days.  Kate Middleton not only recently tied the knot with her prince in a house of McQueen dress by Sarah Burton, but also feted her marriage in another McQueen dress the following day. (Even Pippa wore McQueen!)

And New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has launched a notable retrospective of Alexander McQueen’s work entitled Savage Beauty whose run needed to be extended due to popular demand.

UPDATE: McQueen designer Burton just won CFDA’s 2011 Designer of the Year award on Monday, and lady gaga just revealed via facebook that her song “Fashion of his Love” is about none other than, you guessed it, Alexander McQueen.

We are lucky to have a few Alexander McQueen pieces that were designed and produced during the designers lifetime still available at our West Hollywood store.

These frames are classic.  Very wearable and with spring hinges extremely comfortable, too.

A smart McQueen “c-Q” temple detail is a logo you just don’t see everyday.

We have this frame in black, tortoise and also a striking blue-grey with dark grey wood-grain textured temples.

These McQueen sunglasses are an affordable and accessible entree into one of the great designers of our time.

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Dan Deutsch S/S 2011 Collection: Gabe

One of the newest frames to arrive in our shops is this classic-inspired design from the Dan Deutsch S/S 2011 Collection.

Gabe in three colors

Although the frame has just arrived, it’s already generated a warm welcome. The large, square frame with sculpted browline, articulated bridge and refined temple makes a subtle fashion statement.  Available in Tortoise/Khaki, Crystal Sand, Olive/Tortoise and Black.

This one is called, in memoriam: Gabe.