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Glamour Redefined-Barton Perreira’s Enamel Eyewear

We think these Barton Perreira cat-eye sunglasses are the definition of glamourous. Crafted of pure titanium with enamel inlay and featuring sultry, gradient lenses, these long-limbed beauties are sexy, yet refined. Flirty, but elegant. Feline instincts are treated with restraint.

Barton Perreira Cateye Valerie

Barton Perreira Cat Eye Valerie side angle at Dan Deutsch West Hollywood

We can’t think of anyone that does enamel eyewear better than Barton Perreira. This is their third release using the age-old technique, and the other two are already sold-out. If you want a glamorous pair for your collection that won’t go out of style, you will want to pick up a pair of these lookers before they disappear, too.