Funky Stainless Steel Eyewear from Poland

Slav Nowosad

One of the unique products that Dan has recently sourced is this stunning eyewear from Poland. Mad genius Slav Nowosad is both designer and creator behind the one-piece, stainless steel eyewear. The glasses have no screws, rivets or welds – simply an exquisite piece of jewelry to the face cut from a single piece of stainless steel.  An elegant combination of the badass and the refined.

SL 16 – A Desert Rose

This museum quality piece is a true standout.

The ornate one-piece frame has no screws or welds

The frame seems to grow organically from a single point at the temple tips to a metallic vineyard of tendrils and thorns.

A forward view of the stainless steel frame made in Poland

The lenses, as with many of frames in the collection, seem to be suspended in mid air. And because the way the weight is distributed, they are extremely comfortable to wear.
A close up of the Dan Deutsch signature on the interior of the frame


Profile of Slav Nowosad ornate temples

Nowosad also makes complementary bracelets that tie the look together, seemlessly.

Our West Hollywood shop is one of the few places in the world you can pick up a pair.


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