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Flat Out Brilliant Thom Browne Aviators

Gold Thom Browne aviators TB-015 LTD

New Thom Browne Sunglasses

How does a designer continue to innovate while staying true to their identity? It’s a tricky balancing act and we think Thom Browne is doing a bang-up job of it.  The brand’s clean lines, carefully wrought details and new approaches to the classics have spawned some new love children, and we are excited to have the latest results in shop.

Flat Lenses Flash Mirror

The latest issue include this sunglass gem. It’s based on the classic aviator, but as always, Browne has created something new. With its acetate lens inserts, flat base-curve lenses, flash gold mirrors, titanium construction, signature red white and gold temple tips and as expected perfect mix of exquisite details and lack thereof.

Thom Browne Aviators with flash mirror lenses

Luckily Browne designed a companion frame in square, shown here side by side with its more traditional counterpart:
A pair of Thom Browne aviators at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook

TB 015 Limited Edition – Badass Aviators

A sunglass on steroids, these up- and over-scale aviators are a kickass contribution to the pilot eyewear legacy.  Nuanced adjustments to proportion make these gold-on-gold bad boys feel larger than life.

Gold Thom Browne aviators

Gold Thom Browne aviators gold mirror lenses

Originally designed for the runway, these Thom Browne aviators were produced in very limited run.

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