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Jet Set

Mykita x uslu airlines Jet Set all colors

Mykita x uslu airlines Jet Set BOB in neon yellow

Matching sunglasses and nail polish….why has no one come out with this sooner?  Leave it up to Mykita to team up with Uslu Airlines (the cosmetics company, not an actual airlines) for this brilliant collaboration they’re calling: Jet Set.

The two aviator styles BOB and EVE, named after both airports and people, come in 3 colors not available in any other Mykita frame: grey-brown, lilac and neon yellow.  (In case you were wondering, BOB is code for Bora Bora Motu Mute in French Polynesia, and EVE refers to Evenes airport in Norway.  Of course.)  Even the lenses fade from black to the color of the frame/nail polish.  We love the adorable suitcase packaging that they come in.

Mykita x uslu airlines Jet Set all colors

These releases are extremely limited and we are excited to be one of the hand-selected purveyors to get them.  Not to worry ladies (and gentlemen), when you run of nail polish, you can buy it separately as well.

Mykita x uslu airlines nail polish in grey-brown, neon yellow and lilac

The happy couple is currently en route from the Mykita haus in Berlin to our shop in Beverly Hills.  At customs there will definitely be something to declare: hot.