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Barton Perreira 2014 Campaign Video

Barton Perreira Video still

Barton Perreira 2014 Campaign Video

The video, which features models Chris Brown and Petie Sjogren is beautifully shot in the Pacific ocean by Barton Perriera and cinematographer  president Tim Cadiente. It is a perfect vehicle to show off Barton’s latest eyewear, designed right here in California.

It’s the classic tale of wanderlust. Boy’s airstream is stuck on a tugboat,  boy consults his compass, girl extends her spyglass, girl yells into a megaphone, boy shows off his semaphore skills. The two are finally connected on the dramatic setting of abandoned lighthouse? in a collision of wind, waves and high fashion.

Cari Rae’s seductive singing inspired the mood for this video. An exclusive recording of her song “Run” for this campaign.