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Summer 2015 Campaign Video

We try to bring you photos, video and news from the optical designers around the globe but sometimes we like to bring you a little promotion of our own.  Recently, DDOO created a new video to showcase some of our favorite lines, shot in some of our favorite LA locations: Royce Hall at UCLA, in a convertible driving down Sunset Blvd., and in the sand at Manhattan Beach.  The film features eyewear by Mykita, Barton Perriera, and Dan Deutsch Eyewear.

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Genlux: Dan Deutsch picks this summer’s best sunnies

Dan Deutsch picks the summer's best sunnies: Barton Perreira

Eyewear expert Dan Deutsch hands off his picks for the season’s best sunnies to photographer Shelli Wright and model Bianca Alexa, who head to the sparkling beaches of Turks and Caicos.”

Genlux Summer 2014 Dan Deutsch Selects the Summers Best Sunglasses Italia Independent

Dan Deutsch picks this summer's best Sunnies: Miu Miu Eyewear Dan Deutsch picks this summer's best Sunnies: Zero G Dan Deutsch picks this summer's best Sunnies: Tom Ford Eyewear Dan Deutsch picks this summer's best Sunnies: Masunaga Dan Deutsch picks this summer's best Sunnies: Fendi sunglasses Dan Deutsch picks this summer's best Sunnies: Barton Perreira sunglasses Dan Deutsch picks the summer's best sunnies: Barton Perreira

To see the whole story, head over to

Art Direction: Stephen Kamifuji
Photography: Shelli Wright /
Stylist: Frances Wilson Robinson   
Makeup and Hair: Ann Clift Northcote / Next Miami
Eyewear images, Makeup and Hair: Lauren Goodman using Nars and Oribe
Model: Bianca Alexa / Next Models Miami
Special thanks to Dan Deutsch for selecting the season’s best sunnies
Location: Special thanks to Villa Mandalay Turks and Caicos

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Barton Perreira 2014 Campaign Video

Barton Perreira Video still

Barton Perreira 2014 Campaign Video

The video, which features models Chris Brown and Petie Sjogren is beautifully shot in the Pacific ocean by Barton Perriera and cinematographer  president Tim Cadiente. It is a perfect vehicle to show off Barton’s latest eyewear, designed right here in California.

It’s the classic tale of wanderlust. Boy’s airstream is stuck on a tugboat,  boy consults his compass, girl extends her spyglass, girl yells into a megaphone, boy shows off his semaphore skills. The two are finally connected on the dramatic setting of abandoned lighthouse? in a collision of wind, waves and high fashion.

Cari Rae’s seductive singing inspired the mood for this video. An exclusive recording of her song “Run” for this campaign.

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What a Spectacle, A Holiday window on Sunset Blvd

What a Spectacle Holiday Window on Sunset Blvd with sequined mannequins and eyewear by Barton Perreira

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration with Barton Perreira on our new West Hollywood window display. It’s a festive Roaring Twenties holiday soiree scene we’re calling “What a Spectacle.”

What a Spectacle Window in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip featuring eyewear by Barton Perreira

The Jazz-age display on the Sunset Strip inspires a sense of nostalgia and celebration – a perfect fit with Barton Perreira’s new retro-inspired collection featuring eyewear with names like Fitzgerald, Watson and Royston.

Window display artist ChadMichael Morrisette of CM Squared Designs brought the vision to life. Male and female mannequins are dressed to dazzle. Ladies are costumed in full-length beaded gowns, dripping with sparkling jewels, and sporting boas and headpieces. Details like vintage polkadot bowtie and cane, an antique cigarette holder, velvet headpieces and wide-rimmed champagne glasses make the “spectacle” feel authentic. Spotlights and cascading black and silver strips create a feeling of formal opulence.

Watch as the window goes up while the sun comes down on Sunset Blvd:

The theme continues in the windows of our West 3rd St and Beverly Hills shops.

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Glamour Redefined-Barton Perreira’s Enamel Eyewear

We think these Barton Perreira cat-eye sunglasses are the definition of glamourous. Crafted of pure titanium with enamel inlay and featuring sultry, gradient lenses, these long-limbed beauties are sexy, yet refined. Flirty, but elegant. Feline instincts are treated with restraint.

Barton Perreira Cateye Valerie

Barton Perreira Cat Eye Valerie side angle at Dan Deutsch West Hollywood

We can’t think of anyone that does enamel eyewear better than Barton Perreira. This is their third release using the age-old technique, and the other two are already sold-out. If you want a glamorous pair for your collection that won’t go out of style, you will want to pick up a pair of these lookers before they disappear, too.