An inside look at Mykita’s craftsmanship – VIDEO

New Making-Of Videos from Mykita

Mykita just released a series of videos that allow us an inside peek — not only into their creative process, but into the manufacturing process as well. Their impeccable craftsmanship and creative ideals carry through to these videos – detail oriented and engaging. Have a look at the elegant way craftsmanship and technology – the human hand and the machine — come together in the Mykita Haus in Berlin.

The first of several “making of” videos, this one shows us how the metal frames come to be, in this case the Mykita Coco.

The making of Mykita acetate frames follows with the genesis of the Mykita’s Wynona.

In 2007 Mykita introduced their proprietary material Mylon. In perhaps the most dramatic video of the lot, the Mylon frames emerge science-fiction like, from the ether.

And finally, a glimpse at life at the Mykita Haus. What’s it like to