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Nudity, Dirty Mindy and more from Thierry Lasry

Ignacio tries on the Thierry Lasry Kendry in blue named for rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Thierry Lasry in Beverly Hills

Recently Thierry Lasry came by our Beverly Hills shop to show us his latest sunglass designs. Lasry loves Los Angeles for the sense of freedom that the city affords.  The feeling is mutual.

We were seriously impressed with the new release. There were new colors, new designs, and this time, an entirely new technique that blew us away.

We previewed the new styles and new colors. Allah showed off the new Tipsy featuring green lacquer temples with gold trim, while Ignacio gave the Kendrick a spin, named for rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Allah tries on Thierry Lasry's Tipsy sunglasses in crystal with green lacquer temples
Allah tries Tipsy in crystal with green lacquer temples


Thierry Lasry Glitzy's pearly back stands out in a crowd.
Glitzy’s pearly back is enjoyed by your eyes…and some of your closest friends.
Ignacio wearing Thierry Lasry Kendry in Blue
Ignacio tries on the Kendry in blue, named for rapper Kendrick Lamar


The big news

Thierry told us that he had brought something really exciting and that we would flip when we saw it. He was right. After showing us the other new styles and colors, he showed us a brand new design, Nudity. What makes Nudity extraordinary is a brand new bevel technique that thins the front of the frame in a diamond-like pattern, making the frame even lighter and more comfortable than before. Not only that but the new beveled styles catch the light in a way that is simply brilliant.


We get a sneak peak at Nudity, crafted with a new bevel technique that makes the frames more luminescent and comfortable
Nudity in Crystal featuring Lasry’s innovative bevel
A clever new beveling technique allows Thierry Lasry's Dirty Mindy to be extremely lightweight, comfortable and brilliant. Shown here in Blue.
Thierry Lasry’s Dirty Mindy is lightweight, comfortable and brilliant.


We are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the new styles and can’t wait to show them to you.

Thierry Lasry and Dan Deutsch at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook Beverly Hills
Thierry and Dan in Beverly Hills